John Thompson despre „Option BE – 90 Day Pragmatic Coaching”

Simple … that is what is asked for, by all large organisations since the recession.
Yes, it has been tested at Sony Music NYC and companies in UK plus with executives from the cruise industry.
It’s about decision and then having the courage to take action and to continue to do so till the result is achieved
Each individual has areas of their work and life that are important. These are all connected so a change in one area affects others. The main focus right now seems to be on relationships, personal and professional and social development.

The main KPIs used for companies are sick days, productivity, profit and staff retention. During the course I deliver, a written assignment is issued giving the delegate a choice of response. This response mechanism is based on the delegate’s ability to report on the progress and understanding of the program. Commitment and accountability are key elements in business and life right now. Courses are designed with this in mind. Delegates are always at choice but the response they give is an indication of their commitment to learn and develop.

Attendance would give a pragmatic proven plan that gets change / results. Without a plan that can be scalable chaos of some sort would exist. The course is for those who need to change and be different. It is designed to work and has a proven record in large organisations. The process is transferable to individuals and coaching programs where change is desired.
Option Be is specifically designed for situations like this. Where individuals MUST get results and NEED to change. The pragmatic process is powerful and flexible to deal with real situations on a daily basis. The individual can progress solo if they are so motivated or work in parallel with a coach / colleague to get results.

Option Be gives a road map with which to get to the desired destination.

We are all responsible for ourselves. Where ever you are right now you have earned it, you have created it. Option Be works for individuals and teams providing a cultural map or individual program that works.

Option Be works well with a colleague who can feedback and encourage during the time scale of the program.

Decision pure and simple sprinkled with action
Run away from it or run to it
  • Option Be works for individuals and teams.
  • Option Be is flexible to any situation even on an hourly basis.
  • Option Be is results driven.
  • Option Be is specific in its approach.
  • Option Be is scalable 90 days, 60 days, 30 days
  • Option Be is easy to understand.
  • Option Be creates and stimulates learning of all areas of life not just the chosen focus.

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